Voyage Torba provides an impeccable service all day with a 300 meter long sandy beach and its two piers, four swimming pools and stylish sun loungers...

Beach, piers and comfortable pavilions

The Voyage Torba beach, overlooking the whole of Torba Bay, is 300 meters long and sandy. The beach is separated from the hotel by a walkway that is open to public. A large pier is located in the middle of the Voyage Torba beach. The "Adult Beach", which is prohibited for under-16s, is situated to the left of the beach on a wooden deck without any music. The beach, being one of the quiet and serene areas of the Voyage Torba, hosts its guests with bean bags and comfortable sun loungers with terry cloth upholstered mattresses.

While Deluxe Göz Bar offers alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages to our guests on the beach, TropicBar has cold soft drinks and draft beer available. Furthermore, our guests can obtain soft drinks such as Coca Cola, Nestea, water and Uludağ Lemonade in their original cans or bottles from the Tropik Bar.          

An exclusive pool experience for every taste

Voyage Torba accommodates a main pool, Hawaii pool, aquapark pool and a pool designated to deluxe rooms. Two of these pools incorporate areas for children. The aquapark within the resort is preferred by children and guests who are young at heart. 

Stylish, comfortable and plenty of sun loungers

The establishment has a total of over 1400 comfortable and stylish sun loungers around the swimming pool, on the pier and on the beach. At Voyage Torba, some of the sun loungers are offered with foam mattresses while some are offered with wicker parasols.