Voyage Hotels Health and Safety Declaration

Dear Guests,

As Voyage Hotels, ourpriority has always been the safety of our guests and employees. As wetransition to the normalization phase and resume tourism-related activities, wehave implemented additional measures and protocols to prevent the spread of theCovid-19 virus. These measures reinforce our strict hygiene and healthprotection standards.

All the measures takenin our hotels have been prepared in accordance with the circular issued by theMinistry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. The certificationrequirements of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are meticulously fulfilled.

In all our hotels, aCovid-19 Emergency Committee has been established under the Authority of ourGeneral Managers. The Committee is responsible for the establishment,implementation and monitoring of all Hygiene and Health processes throughoutthe Hotel. The Committee members follow current developments and new practices,as well as instructions and publications provided by the Ministry of Health, theScientific Board and other relevant official institutions, and ensure that newapplications are updated at the facility.

In our hotels,protocols covering COVID-19 and hygiene rules / practices have been preparedand are evaluated regularly. These protocols are updated in line with issues,solutions and measures taken by public institutions and organizations. Withinthe scope of the protocols, we have also defined processes for personnel whoexhibit symptoms of the virus or other illnesses.

* In accordance withthe instructions of the national and international authorities or thedevelopments regarding the process, there might be changes in the measurementstaken.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and practices, preventions, measures andrules taken within this scope constitute force majeure. For this reason,the services and some areas of the hotel within the concept may be limited orclosed during your stay. Some services may not be available partially orcompletely and / or may be offered with special restrictions. Failure tocomply with the rules stated here and force majeure may terminate your staybefore it expires. We kindly inform you that the Hotel is not responsiblefor these and similar consequences of the measures taken.


In our hotels,necessary measures are being taken inconsideration of national andinternational protocols and information,particularly guidelines and decisionsby the World Health Organization and theScience Committee of the TurkishMinistry of Health.


‘’Safe TourismCertification Program’’ requirementsdetermined by the Turkish Ministry ofCulture and Tourism are being met withthe utmost care.


‘’A Covid-19Management Team’’ has been established inour facilities under the supervisionof the Hotel’s general managers. This teamclosely follows the instructions andpublications of the Turkish Ministry ofHealth and other relevant governmentauthorities and is responsible fordeveloping, implementing and monitoringhygiene and health processes throughoutthe Hotel.


“Covid-19Disinfection Teams” have been established responsiblefor the cleaning anddisinfection of the common spaces of our facilities properly.Cleaning anddisinfection records are kept delicately and efficiency analysesare performedthrough accredited laboratory tests.


In case anyillness is suspected in our hotels, thereare necessary doctor examination andisolation room facilities that will ensurethe process to be managed safely. Atthis stage, authorized institutions willbe notified by taking necessaryemergency actions under the guidance of ourHotel medical teams in coordinationwith the Covid-19 Management Team.




The temperature of ourguests will be measured and recorded during the pandemic / for at least 3 monthsin the hotel operating system and / or in the camera recording system. TheCheck in procedures are carried out in compliance with the standards. Anassigned member of our team will provide information to our guests regardingimplemented precautions and measures. Hand sanitizers, hygiene mats, masks andspecified waste bins in accordance with the Waste Management Directive arelocated at the Reception area.

Our guests’ luggageand other belongings will be accepted by our trained team wearing protectiveclothing at the entrance of our hotel. These items will be labelled and safelydelivered to guests’ rooms after an application of disinfection chemicals.Guests will be required to inform the hotel, via the registration card,regarding their last 14 days of travel, chronic illnesses and whether or notthey have contracted Covid-19.

Guests driving to thefacility will have their vehicles taken by bellboys in protective clothing tothe car park, where the keys will be disinfected and put in individual single-usebags.


The cleaning of guestrooms is performed by the housekeeping team, who have received special trainingon the issue, using single-use gloves and masks and cleaning and disinfectionchemicals approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

All rooms are cleanedwith colour-coded disposable cloths. Cleaning and disinfection will becontinued to be carried out in high standards.

All surfacescontacted, including the telephone, remote control, kettle and items such asdoor/window handles, are disinfected with high-level disinfection during andafter the accommodation of the guest.

There are single-useamenities in the rooms.

The air conditionersin the rooms are cleaned daily and recorded.

Rooms are ventilatedat the end of the cleaning process. After the cleaning and minibar refill arecomplete, the rooms will carry a "Cleaned and Disinfected" labeluntil the new guest checks in.

The ambient air of allrooms is disinfected with ozone devices after check-out.

In cases where a hotelguest or employee is ill, isolation chambers have been designated in which wecan safely isolate them until the required doctor’s examination andverification are provided. At this stage, authorized institutions will benotified by taking necessary emergency actions under the guidance of our hotelmedical teams and with the coordination of the Covid-19 Management Team.



For proper and regularcleaning of common spaces, a Mobile Cleaning Team for Covid-19 has been createdto reinforce our existing cleaning staff. Surfaces that are frequently touched,such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, electric switches, and POSdevices, are frequently cleaned with disinfectant and traceability records arekept.

In all common spaces,hand sanitisers are available for personal use. A sufficient number of handsanitisers have been placed in areas where our guests and employees can easilyaccess them. Cleaning products that have been approved by T.R. Ministry ofCommerce and T. R. Ministry of Health and do not harm human health are usedthroughout the hotel.


The cleaning andhygiene of the kitchen and related areas, all kinds of equipment and tools usedin the kitchen, countertops and storages is regularly ensured. Hygiene barriers,sterilization devices, and necessary tools and equipment for hand and bodyhygiene are available in the raw material and product transfers to the foodproduction sections and in the kitchen section. Only employees assigned tokitchen sections are permitted to enter those areas.

All food is storedcovered or in closed cabinets. Food that have been prepared with raw materialsare kept in separate locations to prevent cross-contamination. Attention ispaid to the use of uniforms, personal protective equipment and the personalhygiene of the kitchen staff during their work.

All our restaurantshave been arranged in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Necessarymeasures have been taken regarding social distancing and the required markingshave been set up. A limited number of guests are accepted in accordance withthese guidelines to protect your health. Hand sanitizers are available at theentrances and inside all food units. Guests are informed of restaurantcapacities at the entrances.

Washable table matsare used on the tables instead of tablecloths. Serving tools are frequentlydisinfected and disposable sets are available upon guest request. Generalcleaning of our food and beverage units, and items such as tables, chairs,strollers, buffets, etc. are disinfected with ozone devices at the beginningand the end of each service.


Orders are taken fromthe menu in the children’s buffet and requests such as preparing baby food areperformed by the kitchen staff. Strollers are covered with a protective filmafter being disinfected.

All our bars aredisinfected in certain periods. Beverage presentations on-demand are served indisposable cups.

All processes arecontrolled by our food engineers and dieticians.



While necessarymeasures are taken for the use of mini clubs, game arcade, amusement parks andplaygrounds, daily disinfection procedures are also carefully provided.

The seating layout hasbeen rearranged for shows and programs in accordance with social distancingrules. Evaluations are ongoing related to performing two shows per night withsmaller audiences. Live music performances take place in large outdoor venuesin accordance with social distancing rules.

Social distancingrules are followed in the entertainment, activity and show fields within thedetermined criteria. Attention should be paid to carry out activities of lowparticipation or individual activities outdoor. Alternative games andactivities have also been prepared to avoid putting the guests’ and staff’shealth in jeopardy.


Cleaning of usageareas and equipment at gyms is provided with hygienic materials after each usein accordance with standards.



Disinfectant rates ofpools are followed in accordance with criteria determined by the legislation.The pools are disinfected with chemicals distributed by automatic dosing pumpsin accordance with legal parameters. The values are recorded daily by certifiedemployees and displayed on the boards near the treated pool, visible to guests.

Social distancingrules and the number of users will be considered in the swimming pools andaquaparks throughout the hotel. The chlorine level is maintained between 1-3ppm in outdoor pools.

The distances betweensunbeds and seating groups on the beach and poolside have been rearranged inaccordance with social distancing rules.



Our employees’ legallyrequired medical tests are followed periodically and regularly. Periodicinformation is received from the relevant employee for monitoring groups ofco-habiting employees in terms of Covid-19. An employee with any healthproblems as diagnosed by the workplace doctor is not permitted to work unlessan approval of no objection is granted. All our employees are specially trainedin pandemic and hygiene measures.

Disinfectant andantiseptics are available at staff entrances. All our employees are providedwith personal protective equipment (such as masks, surgical masks, gloves, faceshields) suitable for their work environment and guest contact levels;environment and hand sanitisers are provided. The use of this equipment ismonitored and daily cleaning and hygiene of uniforms is ensured.

Employee dressingrooms, showers, toilets, and common dining and resting areas have been arrangedin accordance with social distancing guidelines and the necessary floormarkings and social distance borders have been placed. All staff areas arecleaned and disinfected regularly in accordance with the rules. Socialdistancing guidelines are followed in the lodging rooms. Lodging rooms havebeen rearranged to ensure limited capacity. Common spaces within the lodginghave been rearranged in accordance with social distancing rules.