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www.voyagehotel.com Please read this agreement carefully before you access or use the website. As you access or use the website, you accept to adhere to the following conditions and terms. If you don’t want to adhere to these conditions and terms, you may not access or use the website and yet, if you are using the website, you must immediately stop. ‘’www.voyagehotel.com’’ can make amendments on this agreement any time and these amendments enter into force as soon as the changed agreement is published on the website. You hereby agree to periodically review the agreement to keep informed of these amendments and your continuous use of or access to the website will mean that you absolutely accept the changed agreement.

1. Trademarks, Intellectual Property, Copyrights
All rights of the website www.voyagehotel.com belong to Voyag Otelcilik Isletmesi ve Ins. San. Ticaret A.S. and MRA Turizm ve Otel Isletmeciligi A.S. Contents published on these websites (for example; trademarks like software, products, logos etc., information, reports, images and graphics) are protected by national and international laws and international contracts. The user hereby agrees and undertakes that he/she will not change, copy, reproduce, republish, download to another computer, send by mail or post, forward or distribute partially or as a whole the products, information, any kind of database, images, texts, icons, visual and audio images, videos, files, website, software-codes, html codes and other codes, and designs, catalogues and lists belonging to the website.
Any information and material on the website cannot be used in a different way by revising, making addition or changing a part or entire of the website.

2. Change of terms of use
www.voyagehotel.com reserves the rights to change, make addition to or renew these terms of use without any reason and without giving notice beforehand or after. These pages have the current and updated version. By using these web pages, the user acknowledges that he/she is limited to the current version. Each new version bears the update date and version number at the end of the page.

3. Regarding the Links to Third Party Sites
Links to other sites can be directly or indirectly provided at the website www.voyagehotel.com. The aim of these links is to provide information or advertisement. The user hereby agrees that www.voyagehotel.com is not responsible for the website or availability of the sources which are directed by the links and for any content, advertisement, product or other materials given on these websites and sources or obtained from these sources as www.voyagehotel.com doesn’t have any control on the sources of the links given on the website. Also, the user hereby agrees that www.voyagehotel.com shall not be held directly or indirectly responsible for any loss or damage arising from or claimed to arise from or in connection with or through the use of any content, product or service given on any such website or source or obtained from the same.

4. About User Information
www.voyagehotel.com features sections with request and reservation forms to be filled out by the users. While fulfilling these forms, the users cannot use swear, threatening, provoking, offensive words and illegal contents and cannot damage legal and personal rights of the others. Besides, it’s forbidden to copy these forms and use as samples to reproduce. The users aren’t entitled to sell, commercially promote a product or service by using these pages or act in similar commercial behaviours.

5. Rights and Responsibilities
Contents at www.voyagehotel.com are constantly checked and updated. However, www.voyagehotel.com and its owner Voyag Turizm Otelcilik Isletmesi ve Ins. San. Ticaret A.S. and MRA Turizm ve Otel Isletmeciligi A.S. cannot be held responsible for information and price errors on the website and can make any amendments and innovations on the pages any time. www.voyagehotel.com and its owner Voyag Turizm Otelcilik Isletmesi ve Ins. San. Ticaret A.S. and MRA Turizm ve Otel Isletmeciligi A.S. cannot be held responsible for any reservation, sale or information error arising from these changes.

All use and content rights ofwww.voyagehotel.com are reserved. All rights of the site belong to the owner company Voyag Turizm Otelcilik Isletmesi ve Ins. San. Ticaret A.S. and MRA Turizm ve Otel Isletmeciligi A.S. The unauthorized use is banned with laws.

During your visit to this website and your use of the service through this website, how the information that we receive regarding you and the services you request will be used and protected are subject to the conditions given in ‘’Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy’’ and the cookies policy on our page. You hereby accept the conditions stipulated in this ‘’Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy’’ when you visit this website and request to use the services we provide through this website.

When the last time this Policy was updated and update number are given at the end of this text.
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By using the website or any of our products and services following such changes, you accept the changed declaration that is effective at that time.
Policy Update: 10 May 2023 ver. 1.0