Voyage Hotels had made a part of the operation of the property the works to be done for the widespread use of bicycles that can reduce our Carbon Footprint together with our guests and employees in line with ‘’Bicycle-Friendly Hotel’’ criteria, as a part of our activities to protect the environment and nature based on sustainable tourism principles. In this regard, as Voyage Hotels, we’ve included the concept of ‘’Bicycle-Friendly Hotel’’ in our values by encouraging the use of bicycle with the slogan ‘’Choose bicycle for a healthy life’’ as a part of our works towards the following objectives:

• In the field of Economy; to provide employment opportunity, bicycle tourism and added value.
• In the field of Health; to contribute to longevity, improved sanity and mental health for our Employees and Guests.
• In the field of Environment and Climate; to meet the criteria of low carbon emission, low air and noise pollution
• In the field of Energy; to contribute to the fuel-efficiency.


A practical, economical, healthy, eco-friendly and profitable means of transportation, the bicycle has gained great importance especially during the pandemic. Bicycles that are preferred by those who do not want to use public transportation vehicles and try to stay away from the crowds as well as those who like to do sports in the fresh air have become a part of the lives of millions of people around the world. During the pandemic, the use of bicycles in Turkey increased by about three times, according to a statement from the Ministry of Tourism.

Contribution of Bicycle Use to Sustainable
Living and Sustainable Tourism

The transportation problem, which negatively affects both our health and city life in general due to the increase in the urban population, is one of the biggest problems of modern life. The increased use of motor vehicles as a result of increased population density raises a variety of problems, including air pollution, noise and traffic and thus it displays the importance of an alternative means of transportation to meet the needs of the city. At this point, bicycles come into prominence as an economical, healthy, eco-friendly and safe means of transportation.
It is of great importance to spread and develop the use of bicycles, which do not harm the environment and nature, consist of recyclable parts, are effective in protecting the natural life and handing it down to the next generations, as well as reducing carbon footprints, for a sustainable city and life. Supporting and promoting the use of bicycles, which can be described as sustainable and economical means of transportation, play an important role in ensuring sustainable and safe transportation, as well as eliminating traffic congestion, improving air quality and maintaining a sustainable ecological balance. The use and production of bicycles in our country and around the world is increasing every year. The use of bicycles is also beneficial for human health, by helping muscles work, strengthening joints and burning calories, they help people stay in good physical shape. In addition, it’s also important in terms of sports, socialization and the formation of a healthy lifestyle...
Cycling tourism, which can be seen as a type of sustainable tourism, is also considered to support the regional development by making it easier to visit nearby cities or different regions while traveling. It can be said that cycling tourism, which is not only a part of a healthy lifestyle but also provides an opportunity to experience a sense of freedom, observe the scenery and get to know the natural environment better, attracts considerable attention of the tourists. Today, many countries around the world are taking steps to develop cycling tourism. Statistics also confirm an increase in the frequency of bicycle use and the number of trips with bicycles in recent years. Since the European Union aims to increase the share of cycling tourism, especially transportation and environmental sustainability, it is taking incentive steps to encourage bicycle use. In Europe, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Denmark are among the leading countries with the most common cycling tourism.
Thanks to people who care about nature and the environment, cycling tourism packages make up almost half of the tourism market today. In Europe, cyclists who like to discover something new are offered various leisure options, including travel packages for relaxation in touch with nature, cycling tours along the river for families with children, etc. Therefore, it’s possible to say that diversity of tourism has also increased along with the cycling tourism.

Initiatives to Improve Cycling Tourism in Turkey

New regulations have been implemented in many regions, as cycling has attracted much more attention compared to the past with the pandemic in addition to cycling races and sports activities held in Turkey for many years. In Antalya, Marmaris and Fethiye, the number of cycling paths increased and in Hatay province, a 26-kilometer bicycle road was put into service connecting the Samandag and Arsuz districts as ‘’the longest uninterrupted bicycle road’’ in the world. With all these innovations, it’s aimed to host both national and international events and stimulate the sports and nature tourism. 

Bicycle-Friendly Accommodation
As part of sustainable tourism, a new initiative to promote cycling tourism has emerged: ‘’Bicycle-Friendly Accommodation Property’’. To stimulate the cycling tourism, eligible hotels will be issued a ‘’Bicycle-Friendly Accommodation Property’’ certificate. As a result of the examinations and inspections, the respective hotels will be presented with a special plaque along with a certificate.

Here are a few points that stand out among the prerequisites for a hotel to be certified as a Bicycle-Friendly Hotel:
  • Ensuring private parking lot for bicycles,
  • Allocation of a place to wash bicycles,
  • Availability of space to repair bicycles,
  • Availability of staff with knowledge of cycling routes in the region,
  • Offering a special food menu for cyclists,
  • Availability of 24-hour laundry for cyclists and basic equipment for maintenance/repair of bicycles,
  • Providing up-to-date information on weather and road conditions in public places.

Thanks to this certificate, tourists wishing to come to Turkey can check out the list of hotels where they can stay with their bicycles and the services provided by these hotels. While staying in one of these bicycle-friendly hotels, tourists can benefit from the parking, repairing and cleaning services. Besides, bicycle lovers wishing to explore the region are provided with detailed information on nearby cycling routes by the hotel staff.
You can view regional route options and detailed technical information on routes by bicycle types at, developed by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), which includes cycling routes located in different parts of Turkey. On the website, where you can get information on accommodation and food-beverage facilities, you will also find detailed information on the natural and historical treasures of the regions in which the cycling routes are located.

Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey
Since 1963, the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey has been held annually in our country at the international level and attended by world famous cyclists from countries such as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and Spain. The Presidential Cycling Tour, which is one of the most prestigious sports organizations in our country, makes a great contribution to the promotion of Turkey in the world. Cycling races, which last for about a week, follow routes that allow foreign athletes to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Turkey.

Tour of Antalya
Tour of Antalya, which is a part of the UCI (European Cycling Union) European Tour, has been held annually since 2017 and is a multi-stage cycling race. The fact that this race, in which cyclists from all over the world participate, is held in Antalya- the centre of history and tourism, it has a great importance for tourism.

Ironman Turkey
Ironman Turkey, which has been held annually since 2015 in three different disciplines (swimming, running and cycling), is a power and endurance-oriented organization. Organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Turkish Triathlon Federation, TURSET Project Management, Ironman Global Management and many other supporters, the organization has an important position in terms of sports tourism.

Izmir is Included in the EuroVelo Network
EuroVelo, a European cycling routes network developed by the European Cyclists’ Federation, has accepted the application of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and has officially declared the Izmir's membership in EuroVelo. Since the 500 km cycling route in Izmir complies with EuroVelo cycle path standards such as a slope of no more than 6%, a service every 30 km, an accommodation property every 50 km and the possibility to use public transport every 150 km, it was added as an extension of the EuroVelo 8-Mediterranean route.
Thus, cyclists wishing to take the Turkish route within the EuroVelo network will be able to visit the historical and touristic sites, food-beverage spots and accommodation properties in our country, which will provide a sustainable economic contribution to many sectors of Turkey.
After Izmir was included in the EuroVelo cycling route, which starts in Spain and ends in Greece and Cyprus, its length has increased to 6379 km. Cyclists who want to get to Izmir can cross by sea from Chios to Cesme or from Lesbos Island to Dikili and then they can reach Bergama, Aliaga, Foca, Urla, Cesme, Alacati and Seferihisar through Dikili or reach Selcuk through Gumuldur.
The inclusion of the ancient cities of Bergama and Ephesus, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, in the EuroVelo cycling route which allows for long-distance touristic trips, is an important and joyful event both for our country and for all cycling enthusiasts.



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You can also access the routes carefully prepared by the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Development Agency at Cycling Go Turkey

You can access useful information like ecological, cultural assets of the region, means of public transportation for touristic trips and points to consider while traveling from Corporate Responsibility section on our website.