Pushing the limits of all-inclusive service with its food and beverage concept, Voyage Torba welcomes guests to Degusto Main Restaurant where they can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with rich presentations. The restaurant’s renewed healthy life corner offers vegan and gluten-free options as well as special menus prepared according to food allergens.


Cuisine 24, which offers a-la-carte service 24 hours a day, is a unique taste spot that you can visit anytime during the day! Do not miss the delicious gozlemes served during certain hours in the restaurant.

A la Carte Restaurants

Voyage Torba’s a-la-carte restaurants present flavours from different world cuisines prepared by master chefs and vows to turn your Bodrum holiday into an impeccable gastronomic journey!


Voyage Torba’s bars offer unique concepts and designs where you can enjoy delicious drinks created by expert mixologists as well as fresh fruit presentations served at certain hours.

Beach Lounge Bar

Enjoy one of many delicious drinks offered by the Beach Lounge Bar as you are relaxing on Voyage Torba’s fabulous grass area.

Executive Bar

Situated right next to the Executive Pool, the Executive Bar is the perfect spot to savour delicious cocktails or hot and cold drinks.

Lagoon Bar

Only available to guests staying in the Lagoons, the Lagoon Bar is a great point to have a drink and relax.


For a rich selection of delicious teas and coffees, head to TeaAmo where the fragrant aromas of freshly-grounded coffee permeate the elegant atmosphere.

Wine House

Voyage Torba’s exclusive Wine House offers a rich wine selection and a sophisticated atmosphere for wine aficionados.

Lobby Lounge

Spoil yourself with a delicious drink at the stylish Lobby Lounge, and take a moment to relax and enjoy the moment.

Central Bar

Any time you want to have a refreshing drink and cool off, you can stop by the conveniently located Central Bar!

Olive Garden Bar

Serving delicious drinks and appetisers, Olive Garden Bar is the ultimate spot for a refreshing break!

Executive Garden Bar

Relax by the pool and take your pick from the exclusive drinks menu at the Executive Garden Bar.

Olive Bar

Voyage Torba’s Olive Bar awaits you with its unique snacks and rich drink options.

Aqua Bar

Voyage Torba’s Aqua Bar offers a refreshing break while you are having fun exploring the slides at the Aqua Park.

Vitamin Bar

Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, delicious fruit teas, cold soft drinks… The Vitamin Bar in the spa area offers everything you need for a boost of energy and wellness.

Pier Bar

Conveniently situated by the beach, the Pier Bar features a rich selection of drinks for a refreshing break from the sea and the sun.

Vanille Patisserie

The sweetest spot at Voyage Torba, Vanille Patisserie offers a delicious dessert menu in an exquisite ambiance between 10 am and 10 pm.

Aqua Snack

If you get hungry during your adventures at the Aquapark, you can take a delicious break at the Aqua Snack.

Kebappa Snack

You can enjoy exclusive drinks and delicious snacks at Kebappa Snack which serves inside Kebappa Restaurant.

Gracias Snack

You can spice up your holiday with outstanding flavours from Mexican cuisine at Gracias Snack.

Carino Snack

You can enjoy delicious bites at Carino Snack, the place where our chefs turn meat into an art form.

Blue Voyage Snack

A rich selection of mezzes and fresh seafood await you at Blue Voyage Snack!