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At the property that pushes the limits of All-Inclusive service with its food-beverage concept, enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner with rich presentations of Degusto Main Restaurant.


You're invited to Cuisine 24 that delivers unique tastes to its guests for 24 hours.

A la Carte Restaurants

A la carte restaurants of Voyage Torba, which bring together the world cuisines and master chefs, turn your Bodrum holiday into an impeccable gastronomic journey!

*From the Summer Season 2021, all à la carte restaurants except the Cuisine 24 will be charged for a fee.


In Voyage Torba's bars with different designs, you can taste the distinguished drinks prepared by experienced bartenders and take a pleasant break to your holiday with light snacks.

Beach Lounge Bar

A refreshing break to the brightest sun lights thanks to the fabulous presentations of drinks at Beach Bar!

Executive Bar

Cocktails bringing together the special tastes and many hot or cold beverage options await guests at Executive Bar. Executive Bar is located beside the Executive Pool.

Lagoon Bar

Providing service only special to guests staying in Lagoons, Lagoon Bar is a great meeting point for those who want to take a break from their pool pleasure!


If you want to taste the exclusive drinks and refresh your soul at an elegant atmosphere, TeaAmo is just for you!

Wine House

Winehouse awaits you with its elegant decoration and rich wine selection...

Lobby Lounge

Spoil yourself with special drink presentations! While sipping your drink from Lobby Lounge, you will spice up your holiday.

Central Bar

Just pop into Central Bar to cool off during your holiday with refreshing drinks at Voyage Torba!

Olive Garden Bar

Olive Garden Bar, where you can sip your exclusive drinks and taste luscious appetizers, welcomes those who want to take a nice break with its delicate services.

Executive Garden Bar

Executive Garden Bar is the meeting point for nature lovers with its drink options that will spice up your chats! Take your drink and enjoy the Executive Garden Bar.

Olive Bar

Inviting you to a pleasant break to relieve your tiredness, Olive Bar awaits you with its unique snacks and rich drink options.

Aqua Bar

The heart of the entertainment at Voyage Torba, Aquapark offers fun-filled moments in the magical world of the water with its various slides.

Vanille Patisserie

You're invited to Vanille Patisserie that will steal your heart at your first bite with its exquisite desserts between 10.00 am - 10.00 pm.

Aqua Snack

Take a short break from your Aquapark joy and try delicious snacks and refreshments at Aqua Snack.

Beach Snack

Take a refreshing break from the bright lights of the sun! You can enjoy exclusive drinks and delicious snacks at Beach Snack, which serves inside Kebappa Restaurant.