Looking for a game of golf? One of the best golf courses on the Mediterranean shores, Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Club is a centre of attraction for golf enthusiasts. You can follow the footsteps of legendary golf players at Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Club which hosts some of the world’s most prestigious golf tournaments.

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Hole 1

Par 5, Black 522m, Silver 470m, Gold 443m, Red 410m, S.Index 7

Hole 2

Par3, Black 148m, Silver 131m, Gold 131m, Red 107m, S.Index 17

Hole 3

Par 4, Black 337m, Silver 307m, Gold 285m, Red 253m, S.Index 13

Hole 4

Par 5, Black 527m, Silver 459m, Gold 428m, Red 378m, S.Index 5

Hole 5

Par 3, Black 205m, Silver 185m, Gold 154m, Red 131m, S.Index 11

Hole 6

Par 4, Black 441m, Silver 378m, Gold 355m, Red 336m, S.Index 9

Hole 7

Par 4, Black 420m, Silver 401m, Gold 383m, Red 321m, S.Index 1

Hole 8

Par ,3 Black 166m, Silver 146m, Gold 146m, Red 121m, S.Index 15

Hole 9

Par 4 Black 408m Silver 369m Gold 349m Red 321m S.Index 3

Hole 10

Par 4, Black 331m, Silver 291m, Gold 268m, Red 246m, S.Index 16

Hole 11

Par 5, Black 521m, Silver 477m, Gold 458m, Red 428m, S.Index 10

Hole 12

Par 4, Black 448m, Silver 398m, Gold 377m, Red 340m, S.Index 6

Hole 13

Par 5, Black 516m, Silver 463m, Gold 444m, Red 421m, S.Index 2

Hole 14

Par 3, Black 161m, Silver 137m, Gold 137m, Red 119m, S.Index 14

Hole 15

Par 4, Black 302m, Silver 278m, Gold 278m, Red 235m, S.Index 4

Hole 16

Par 3, Black 165m, Silver 157m, Gold 135m, Red 109m, S.Index 18

Hole 17

Par 4, Black 358m, Silver 330m, Gold 307m, Red 286m, S.Index 12

Hole 18

Par 5, Black 510m, Silver 485m, Gold 449m, Red 403m, S.Index 8