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All kinds of fun and games await children at Voyage Belek Golf & Spa! A space specially designed for children, Tugi Kids World offers activities and entertainment all day long for different age groups. Providing services in the main building during winter, Tugi Kids World welcomes all little guests from the age of 3 where they will be under the supervision of an expert team.

Mini Adventure Park

Kids will love to run around fun trails, playgrounds and play colourful games at Voyage Belek’s Mini Adventure Park! Little guests can join the fun under the supervision of their parents.

Beach Playground

Our beach playground offers fun for all ages! Enjoy sunbathing while your children play with colourful toys on the sand. Little guests can join under the supervision of their parents.


Voyage Belek’s funfair is a colourful world created for children! They can have fun and collect unforgettable holiday memories.

Smiling Babies

At Voyage Belek, you can find everything your baby may need! Sleep room, kids’ restaurant, playground on the beach, feeding corner, baby intercom, Hipp and/or Bebelac brand formulas are just some of the privileges offered to babies.