If you want to add fitness and sports to your holiday experience, Voyage Belek Golf & Spa has got you covered. The resort’s special gym furnished with top-of-the-line sports equipment is ready to provide you a sports-and-fun-filled holiday!

Table Tennis

Holiday is the perfect time for table tennis! Spice up your holiday with table tennis and have fun times with your friends or family.

Beach Volleyball

Enjoy volleyball on the beach! Spice up your holiday with a thrilling volleyball competition on the fine sands of the Mediterranean.


If you want to practice tennis, take out your rackets! At Voyage Belek’s tennis courts, you can improve your skills and have fun during challenging tennis matches.


If you are fan of football, you can practise and hold matches at Voyage Belek’s football fields. During football hours, players can enjoy thrilling challenges, socialise and have fun.

Water Sports

Water sports enthusiasts will have the time of their lives at Voyage Belek! Take part of Voyage Belek’s various water sports options and enjoy thrilling moments in the water.


Surrender to the wind your body attached to the parachute and enjoy Belek’s mesmerizing nature from a height of 150 meters!


Guests will enjoy thrilling moments with their loved ones on Sonar. A spectacular track of 4 km awaits you in the sea!


Sport lovers undergoing wakeboard training are taken on a special excursion of 4 km over the waves.


Floating in air minus the parachute and speed boat. Sign up for flyboard to find out how!

Water Ski

You will feel the exciting movements of the waves thanks to the cables attached to speedboat! Maximize your level of adrenaline on the 4-km long special track on the water.


While learning to windsurf at Voyage Belek's stunningly blue sea, you will feel like you can fly!

Jet Ski

Each time you hop on a jet ski, you will embark on a new adventure in the blue waters of the Mediterranean.